Large Company Printed Marketing Bundles

A leader among Houston Printing Services has recently expanded to include bundled and custom commercial printing. A variety of bundled plans include the basics for establishing a strong marketing presence. Flyers, brochures, and business cards in different amounts are bundled to suit the size and needs of any business. Be organized and send out a consistent message with coordinated products.


A starter plan is designed to help businesses expand from one location to many locations. This is done with five-thousand cards, brochures, and flyers. The top bundle is a marketing plan with enough printed material to meet the demands of a busy trade show day. Plans in between those extremes are available for presentation, seminars, conferences, and exhibitions.

There are several examples of what can be included, final printing results, and the scope of available product configuration. Materials can also be processed by the company for direct mail marketing. Postcards that meet US Postal Service dimensions are printed and delivered to the local post office. The costs for this targeted marketing project is nominal and provides a high return on the investment.

Other Commercial Printing Capacities

New services include large run capacity printing, digital printing that is affordable, full color, bindery services, and graphic design services for custom projects. Graphic designers create custom templates that incorporate the logo and brand of the business, contact information, and exceptional advertising copy. The goal is to capture attention and present cohesive printed products to make a professional first impression.

Bundles and custom services can all be summarized with a heading that reads Networking Events: How To Make A GreatPrinting First Impression. It expresses the objectives and goals for the expansion efforts. The demand for trade show products by businesses that utilize the printing company inspired the direction of the expansion.

Trade Shows

Large format digital printing is critical to stand out from the competition at a trade show. Those events are crowded, noisy, and massive. People can pass by the business booth and not even see it for the number of people moving in the aisles. One way to stand out is with a sky banner.

The business name and logo hovers over the booth from the ceiling and can be seen as soon as people enter the venue. It is hard to miss and successfully directs people right to your booth. Standing flags at the booth entrance also command attention. Check with the venue before ordering trade show products to be aware of any restrictions on displays.

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